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IGTV allows you to watch and download videos from a minute to an hour.

IGTV allows you to watch and download videos from a minute to an hour.
TV on Instagram? Not really, but the principle is similar! We understand the intricacies of working with IGTV: how to use, what to download, and what content is suitable for business.

Many SMM men used to be indignant about why the duration of the video in the feed was at most a minute. For many, this time requirement seemed inconvenient.

Over time, the social network still heard requests from users and decided to create its own video hosting - IGTV.

IGTV allows you to watch and download videos from a minute to an hour. Video hosting exists both on Instagram itself and in a separate application created for it.

IGTV (Instagram TV) is a video channel in which videos are posted in a vertical format. It can be viewed from Instagram or in a separate application. It was launched in June 2018.

IGTV videos can be longer than Instagram Stories. Regular users post videos up to 10 minutes long, and verified users can show videos up to 1 hour long.

Companies are relatively slow to enter IGTV for a number of reasons, the main ones being the high costs and time investment required to create long social videos.

However, in early 2019, Instagram announced that content creators can share one-minute channel previews on their own Instagram accounts. This greatly increased the likelihood of finding the right channels. Brands now have the ability to grab followers' attention without having to leave the Instagram app. And many of them have enough views and engagement to brag about.

How to create an IGTV channel

Before you can post videos to IGTV, you need to create a channel.

Your channel will have the same profile and privacy settings as your Instagram account.

From the Instagram app

Step 1. Click on the IGTV logo in the upper right corner of your feed.

Pro tip # 1: Share a one-minute video clip on your Instagram feed (and profile) to increase views and engagement. Viewers can click Continue Watching to continue watching the full video.

This is the only chance to publish the preview. You won't be able to go back and edit it later.

You will also be able to share the video on a related Facebook page.


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